TruckWeigh - EU legislation

Optimised for Heavy Goods Vehicles and trailers – supports unlimited gross weight and unlimited axles

VanWeigh - EU legislation

Optimized for Light Commercial Vehicles with 2-axles and any suspension type


"By 27 May 2021, all EU Member States and the UK must have taken measures to identify vehicles and vehicle combinations suspected of exceeding their maximum permissible weights in traffic, according to Article 10d in Directive (EU) 2015 /719, amending (EC) 96 /53."


What does it mean for me?
A number of vehicle weight checks are to be carried out each calendar year with the aid of automatic systems on the road infrastructure. Fines and penalties for any vehicle exceeding approved but regional varying gross or axle weights will be issued, targeting driver and company.

What can I do?
Make sure your vehicles do not run overweight by fitting a load monitoring / optimisation system to your vehicles. VPG Onboard Weighing offers proven fit-and-forget solutions with over 35,000 successful installations worldwide, supporting any type of commercial vehicle any type of suspension.

Any added value?
There may come a point in the future where vehicles will be required to have permanent on-board systems as well. With our systems installed you'll be ready before it becomes a rush and with no additional cost. Any you've been benefitting from maxing out your payload and reducing wear and tear until then.


Prevent any issues by equipping your vehicles with on-vehicle overload protection, load optimisation systems:


  • Easy to retrofit without welding or fabrication in 4h or less
  • Cost attractive, lightweight solid-state-sensors
  • Works with any suspension type
  • Proven solution with more than 35,000 installations worldwide.
  • Monitors set loads as per axle, net and gross vehicle weight
  • Patented solid state sensors – no mechanical wear and tear


VanWeigh units are worth their weight in gold!

Nick HatchettStores Supervisor, Booth Dispensers Ltd, UK

I have just ordered our fourth VanWeigh system in two years for our growing fleet of VW Crafters. VPG Onboard Weighing fitters are polite, courteous and well trained in their knowledge of the units being fitted. Vehicles are left clean, tidy and ready for work. 

The VanWeigh units themselves are worth their weight in gold. There is no fiddling about to add up weight, just load the vehicles and the unit does the rest. Drivers can see straight away if they need to alter their load to spread the weight.