Onboard weighing solutions have become a must-have across the bulk haulage sector. Whatever the goods being hauled - aggregates, waste, foodstuffs - payload maximisation through precision weight management optimises efficiency, boosts profitability and raises safety standards.

VPG Onboard Weighing is Europe’s leading supplier of on-vehicle systems for both tipper trucks and truck trailers. Using the latest technology to deliver pinpoint weighing accuracy, our rugged, reliable products ensure all available space right up to the maximum load limit is used, helping to reduce the number of trips and make more efficient use of your fleet’s time.

Maximum Accuracy, Maximum Reliability

VPG Onboard Weighing solutions are first choice for the bulk transport market, providing reliable readings in all conditions. Some weighing systems will only deliver an accurate reading if the hardware is at level. Our specially engineered products for bulk tipping vehicles deliver highly precise net and gross load measurements, plus individual axle weights for precise load balancing, no matter how uneven or slippery the surface is.

In addition, all of our bulk haulage solutions are fitted with our exclusive TipWatch system, which uses ground levelling and axle weight distribution data to trigger an alarm if a tipping or overloading risk is detected.

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Bulk Haulage material tipper truck
Loader dumping into aggregate truck for Bulk Haulage

TipWatch - Safety First

Outdoor industrial environments also pose their share of safety challenges. Places like construction sites or quarries are difficult places to implement and maintain robust health and safety controls. In relation to bulk haulage operations, uneven ground and the potential for operators to be distracted pose serious risks during tipping.

VPG Onboard Weighing’s dedicated bulk haulage solutions put safety at the top of the priority list. TipWatch is an award-winning bespoke feature now standard on all BulkWeigh systems. By monitoring ground level and axle weight distribution during tipping, it issues clear audio and visual alarms should there be a risk of overbalancing or loss of control. Systems can be customised to halt tipping automatically. Similarly, AxleWatch alerts drivers to overloading at specific points, not just across the whole load, helping to reduce damage and risk of accidents.

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VPG Connect - Flexible Oversight

A frequent complaint we have heard from bulk haulage professionals over the years is that having displays mounted in the cab only is impractical while on site and, during tipping, potentially dangerous.

In response to these concerns, all our 1155 BulkWeigh system is compatible with our VPG Connect solution, which sends data to mobile devices via WiFi. This allows operators to monitor data feeds on a smartphone or tablet safely away from the vehicle. VPG Connect also serves as a telematics solution, supporting real-time tracking of vehicle movements, time management, weight readings and compliance across a fleet.

VPG Connect for Bulk Haulage


1155 and 1300 indicators for BulkWeigh
TruckWeigh teaser for Bulk Haulage
VPG Connect for Bulk Haulage
5th Wheel and air for Bulk Haulage
Shear Pin for Bulk Haulage

VanWeigh units are worth their weight in gold!

Nick HatchettStores Supervisor, Booth Dispensers Ltd, UK

I have just ordered our fourth VanWeigh system in two years for our growing fleet of VW Crafters. VPG Onboard Weighing fitters are polite, courteous and well trained in their knowledge of the units being fitted. Vehicles are left clean, tidy and ready for work. 

The VanWeigh units themselves are worth their weight in gold. There is no fiddling about to add up weight, just load the vehicles and the unit does the rest. Drivers can see straight away if they need to alter their load to spread the weight.