A booming construction industry needs massive logistics operations to feed demand for materials, often requiring specialist vehicles built for very specific purposes. One of the stand out examples on any site is cement trucks delivering and mixing cement, concrete and aggregates.

While cement trucks do not make long distance journeys, fleet managers and construction companies alike still face the combined pressures of keeping drivers safe, operating vehicles in compliance with weight limit regulations, and maximising the payload as close to that limit as possible. Achieving that optimum balance in load limits and efficient processes, can drive accuracy requirements up to the level of legal-for-trade certified weighing systems. That is why, with their peerless precision and reliability, VPG Onboard Weighing systems have become the market leader in on-vehicle monitoring solutions for construction vehicles.

Bespoke Weighing Systems for Cement Trucks

Cement trucks pose unique problems for accurate load measurements. Residual build-up in the drum increases the weight and lowers the amount of cement or aggregate that can be carried within legal load limits. A clean drum is therefore fundamental to maximising payload, but cleaning itself comes with a cost.

Our load cell-based on-vehicle weighing systems provide a simple yet effective solution. Because they provide vehicle weight data at all times, it is easy to tell when material must have built up in the drum and the empty weight is higher than normal. Cleaning can therefore be carried out only when required, optimising use of time and resources. Another benefit of our legal-for-trade certified systems is that they help to optimise route management, calculating payloads for individual drop-offs and therefore allowing operators to serve multiple clients from a single load.

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Onboard solutions for Cement Trucks
Cement truck at factory

Robust But Modern

All VPG Onboard Weighing systems are built to withstand the tough conditions you often find on building sites. Even our ultra lightweight overload protection / load optimisation systems with their patented fit-and-forget inclinometer technology are robust enough to cope with rain, mud, dust and rough terrain.

Our solutions are tough but hi-tech. All of our systems can connect with third-party platforms to provide telematics support, communicating weight, location, time, safety and compliance data back to fleet managers. Our own VPG Connect option is a fully integrated solution for our 1155 indicator systems, combining real-time telematics data feeds with mobile device connectivity, meaning drivers can monitor loading and unloading safely and efficiently away from the cab.

Products and Systems

5th wheel and air system for Cement market
Concrete Mixer Weighing System
TruckWeigh system for Cement Trucks
BulkWeigh system for Cement Mixer Trucks
VPG Connect for Cement Mixer Trucks

VanWeigh units are worth their weight in gold!

Nick HatchettStores Supervisor, Booth Dispensers Ltd, UK

I have just ordered our fourth VanWeigh system in two years for our growing fleet of VW Crafters. VPG Onboard Weighing fitters are polite, courteous and well trained in their knowledge of the units being fitted. Vehicles are left clean, tidy and ready for work. 

The VanWeigh units themselves are worth their weight in gold. There is no fiddling about to add up weight, just load the vehicles and the unit does the rest. Drivers can see straight away if they need to alter their load to spread the weight.