Through the winter months, road gritters provide an essential service keeping motorists safe and traffic moving in adverse conditions. Operators often have to respond to rapidly changing weather conditions to ensure all roads are well gritted in good time to avoid traffic chaos, which makes efficiency key.

Due to variations in traffic and weather conditions, gritters are often loaded with several substances of differing weights to be able to treat roads flexibly. These materials are often loaded at multiple locations according to route. As a result, on-vehicle weighing systems that monitor for both overload protection and maximum load efficiency are vital tools in boosting the effectiveness of gritting operations throughout the winter months. VPG Onboard Weighing is the go-supplier for all on-vehicle weighing needs.

Safe and Efficient Road Treatment

Simultaneous loading of a gritter with minimum volumes of salt, pre-wet and liquid de-icing agent to tackle changing road conditions in good time can easily bring the vehicle close to or over its legal or designed weight limit. At the same time, operators are keen to minimise trips to loading stations as these can seriously hamper efficiency and lead to roads going untreated. This is why overload protection / load optimisation systems became a must–have feature for gritters.

While overload protection and load optimisation systems are a must-have feature to assure utilising maximum payload volumes, most clients request highly accurate load cell based systems. Not only deliver they accurate weighing across the load when composing best combination of substances for the upcoming treatment trip. Their roughly 2% higher accuracy over sheer overload protection systems can calculate to about half a ton more payload, for less trips and better road treatment.

All VPG Onboard Weighing systems come with telematics options, allowing fleet managers to monitor in real time and respond to changing conditions as required.

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Gritter spreading salt on a icy road

Gritters spreading on frozen roads need to monitor their load.

Products and Systems

VanWeigh units are worth their weight in gold!

Nick HatchettStores Supervisor, Booth Dispensers Ltd, UK

I have just ordered our fourth VanWeigh system in two years for our growing fleet of VW Crafters. VPG Onboard Weighing fitters are polite, courteous and well trained in their knowledge of the units being fitted. Vehicles are left clean, tidy and ready for work. 

The VanWeigh units themselves are worth their weight in gold. There is no fiddling about to add up weight, just load the vehicles and the unit does the rest. Drivers can see straight away if they need to alter their load to spread the weight.