Tanker trailers are the go-to solution for transporting fluids from A to B. Whether foodstuffs, chemicals or fuel, industries as diverse as agriculture, manufacturing, energy and utilities depend on bulk haulage of liquids and gas. And due to the nature of substances like oil, gas and other hazardous chemicals, safety is a critical concern.

With a range of on-vehicle systems suitable for silo tankers, VPG Onboard Weighing offers quality solutions which help to guarantee safe delivery every time. Not only do our products ensure loads remain within manufacturer’s and legal weight limits, they also serve to optimise payloads.

Maximising Per-Load Profits

Whatever type of goods you are moving, payload optimisation matters. If you don’t max out load limits, you only eat into efficiency and therefore profitability. But certain types of load throw up particular challenges. With contaminated liquids and waste water, for example, you don’t know the weight in advance, so it is easy to exceed limits.

That is a key benefit of our legal-for-trade certified onboard weighing solutions. As well as simplifying billing, these highly accurate systems can account for multiple pick ups in a single load without risking limits being exceeded. The ability to serve multiple clients with a single tank furthermore optimizes route management and provides a competitive advantage, reducing the number of trips required and therefore also cutting wear and tear and total cost of ownership.

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Modern Telematics

At VPG Onboard Weighing, we understand that it isn’t just the operators and drivers on the ground who want or need access to weighing data. All of our on-vehicle weighing solutions are capable of connecting to third party telematics, communicating weight, location, time, safety and compliance data back to fleet managers.

Our own telematics solution, VPG Connect, is designed to share data more flexibly with both fleet managers and operators. Compatible with our 1155 systems, VPG Connect transmits vehicle data to any mobile device, enabling drivers to monitor loading and unloading at a safe distance from the cab while sending real time information back to base.


Products and Systems

VanWeigh units are worth their weight in gold!

Nick HatchettStores Supervisor, Booth Dispensers Ltd, UK

I have just ordered our fourth VanWeigh system in two years for our growing fleet of VW Crafters. VPG Onboard Weighing fitters are polite, courteous and well trained in their knowledge of the units being fitted. Vehicles are left clean, tidy and ready for work. 

The VanWeigh units themselves are worth their weight in gold. There is no fiddling about to add up weight, just load the vehicles and the unit does the rest. Drivers can see straight away if they need to alter their load to spread the weight.